What We Treat

Addiction is a disease, not a lifestyle choice. Despite the extensive research that has been conducted to understand addiction, the disease continues to be widely misunderstood. Most individuals at large are unwilling to accept that addiction is a disease and continue to view individuals suffering from addiction as selfish people who deliberately refuse to control their use, and are bent on destroying their lives. However it is important to note that no one deliberately sets out on the path of self-destruction.


Addiction is a chronic, progressive and relapsing brain disorder which causes physical, psychological and social harm, and despite the multitude of negative consequences, an individual continues to use obsessively and compulsively. Although addiction is a disease, it can be treated, and long term recovery is possible. At ARC we fully recognise that the road to recovery is long and often filled with turbulent times. This is why we engage our clients in our comprehensive addiction treatment program that addresses the biological, psychological and social symptoms of addiction. Our aim is to help clients develop the skills needed not only to break the cycle of addiction but to maintain life-long sobriety by living deeper, more fulfilling lives.

ARC provides personalised and quality treatment for substance addiction and co-occurring addictive behaviours. Substances include, but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs (opiates, cocaine, cannabis, crystal meth)
  • Prescription drugs/ Benzodiazepines (painkillers and tranquilisers such as Xanax, Valium)