Abdul Rehman Allana

Mr. Abdul Rehman Allana, Chairman Alsons Group and Chairman AAS Trust, has played a hands-on role in setting up and managing AAS Trust since 2000, and now has 18 years of experience in running drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. With vast experience in dealing with addiction, he has also done his Diploma in Addiction Counseling from CPPD, Counseling School UK in 2001.

Contact at arallana@aastrust.org for more queries.

Dr jasim

Dr. Jaseem Siddiqui

Dr. Jaseem Siddiqui is a highly experienced Psychiatrist and General physician. He completed his post-graduation medical training from University hospital in Galway Ireland and was awarded Masters in internal medicine He completed his psychiatric training from West of Ireland post-graduate psychiatric training scheme. He was awarded diploma in Clinical Psychiatry by the conjoint board of Royal College of surgeons of Ireland and Royal College of physicians in Ireland, He has more than a decade of experience in Addiction Psychiatry and up till December 2017 he was working with Simon Community drug and alcohol Centre, Ushers quay Dublin. He was also working as a general physician in one of Dublin’s most reputable medical practice. Dr. Jaseem Siddiqui has an excellent track record and experience in fields of Addiction psychiatry and Internal medicine.

He is capable of addressing any medical and psychiatric arising during detox and rehabilitation process.

Contact at jaseemsiddiqui@aastrust.org


Muhammad Ali Rauf

Muhammad Ali Rauf is a University graduate having 15 years of experience in addiction and recovery. He did his Diploma in humanistic integrative counseling from CPPD (Centre of personal and professional development) BACP (British association of counseling and psychotherapy) accredited. He has several years of experience as a family and addiction therapist. He has also received specialized training in addiction treatment and rehabilitation from Sanctuary Lodge (UK) and Broadway Lodge (UK) which are the Centre of excellence in addiction treatment. He is a member of several international bodies for addiction treatment. His areas of expertise include 12 steps program of AA and NA, family counseling, 1-1 sessions and dealing with all types of addiction issues.

Contact @ Muhammad.Ali@arcpakistan.com.


Kiran Javed

Kiran Javed is a specialized Clinical Psychologist and Addiction Therapist, who is currently rendering her services to AAS Recovery Centre (ARC).

She completed her BS & MPhil in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP) Bahria University, Karachi.

She has served as a consultant Clinical Psychologist for more than 3 years at ‘Psychological Help Centre’ in psychiatric domain and simultaneously worked as a Visiting Faculty at IPP Bahria University Karachi.

Kiran started her journey in the field of Addiction to work for the underprivileged class of Adults & Children at AAS Trust in 2015. She has a specialization in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). She did her Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy as well.

Email at kiran.javed@arcpakistan.com.


Wajeeha Ghani

Wajeeha Ghani is an Addiction Therapist and Psychologist. She has completed her degree of Bachelors in Professional Psychology from Bahria University Karachi Campus. She has spent the past 3 years working as a therapist and Clinical Psychologist in a range of environments. This includes working with young individuals who have experienced some sort of trauma or are displaying behavioral difficulties. She has a great experience in working with drug addicts.

She has also worked with street children and adolescents at Aas Trust experiencing various substance addiction.

Her areas of expertise include drug addiction, awareness of addiction and interventions such as counseling, behavior modification, art therapy, and group therapy for her clients.

She is currently working as a Psychologist at ARC.

For more info email her at wajeeha.ghani@arcpakistan.com

All the inquiries and issues will be dealt with utmost confidentiality.