Our Mission

To provide the highest level of personalised care and treatment to individuals suffering from addiction, using the best treatment methodologies in a safe, compassionate and conducive environment. We aim to focus on long term recovery with a committed belief that recovery is possible for everyone.

"Let us help you help yourself"


At the AAS Recovery Centre (ARC) we believe that clients deserve respect and dignity, and important work can be done without undermining or shaming. Those in our care are more than their addictions and it is our job to help our clients focus on their resources, both internally and externally, and realize the strength and will for change that they possess within.


The idea is to empower our clients and facilitate them to re-enter society as functioning productive and healthy individuals. We provide all the available tools and methods at our disposal deducing with the help of the client what works best for them, hence tailoring the treatment to address the client’s needs in a holistic manner. We address not just the symptoms of addiction but the underlying causes as well, ensuring a higher rate of recovery than has been possible before.

We don’t treat people at ARC. We provide them the tools to treat themselves!

Why Choose ARC?

ARC is a state-of-the-art residential addiction rehabilitation centre that offers five-star treatment in a luxurious and therapeutic environment. With over 16 years of experience in the treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare of sufferers of addiction, ARC offers clients a holistic path to recovery based on the globally recognized 12-step programme, in a confidential, safe and healing environment.

With a modern 20-bed facility located in the heart of Karachi, we provide our clients with luxurious, comfortable and inviting accommodations while they are in our care. Clients stay in clean and therapeutic living spaces, enjoy freshly prepared meals and 24-hour onsite security. In addition, clients have access to reading and recreational space and materials, and a fitness area. All these and other facilities are placed with the intent to create conditions optimal for and conducive to holistic recovery.

We assure our commitment to quality care and offer a range of treatments that are customised to meet the clients’ unique and individual needs. Clients have access to highly qualified medical professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, counsellors and support staff. Our team is equipped with an in depth understanding of addiction and the recovery process, some members with long-term recovery themselves. We endeavour to deliver quality treatment by providing our team members with on-going training via seminars and workshops, most of them conducted by senior international professionals having extensive experience in the field of addiction.


At ARC, our purpose is not only to help clients heal and recover from addiction, but to ensure that they heal from the underlying causes as well and equip them with tools to successfully manage their disease. The ARC team is dedicated to helping clients work through their addictions, helping them to achieve their sobriety goals and to begin living a more fulfilling life. Therefore, our care does not end with inpatient treatment; rather, clients have the opportunity to avail the aftercare programme that provides a supervised transition back to everyday life, helps prevent relapse and move toward sobriety.

AAS Trust

ARC, a treatment centre for full-paying clients was launched by the AAS Trust, a non-profit organisation in Pakistan that provides treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare to street children and underprivileged adults suffering from substance addiction. Alongside a need for a quality addiction centre in the privileged society, the purpose for catering to full-paying clients is to generate funds that will be used to finance operations at the AAS centres for street children and underprivileged adults.

The AAS Trust was established in 2000 by Mr. Abdul Rehman Allana, and has developed into one of the leading non-profit rehabilitation and aftercare organisations, currently treating more than a 120 street children and underprivileged adults at any one time. For over 15 years, the organisation has been dedicated to healing and supporting these individuals by detoxifying, feeding, educating and rehabilitating them, as well as providing the aftercare needed to ensure successful recovery. The families of these children and adults also receive professional support and counselling, and are educated on ways in which they can provide their children an environment more conducive to recovery after their treatment at the centre has been completed.


The organisation has established two treatment centres for children: one for primary care treatment for 3 months, and one for follow-up treatment (halfway house) for 6 months. At the halfway house, children receive education and make a supervised transition to normalcy. There is also a hostel for children who complete the 9 month rehabilitation programme, but do not have a nurturing home environment to return to. Furthermore, during their stay at the hostel they are taught vocational and life skills. Similarly, there are 2 centres for adults; a primary care treatment centre and a halfway house. In addition, on the 8th of April 2016, AAS Trust launched the AAS Ghar, a safe place for street children to sleep at night. The idea is to save these children from a life of abuse, rape and prostitution on the streets of Pakistan.

Treatment for children, which in addition to counselling and medical treatment, includes housing, food, clothes and foster care, is absolutely free. While adults admitted to the centres pay a subsidised rate of PKR 14,000 per month, which covers their food and lodging costs, the counselling and treatment costs are borne by the Trust.


To learn more about the AAS Trust please visit the website www.aastrurst.org or contact at info@aastrust.org

Please help AAS Trust in returning street children and underprivileged adults who are debilitated by drug addiction and trauma, to normal lives. You can make a life-changing impact on the lives of those who turn to them for help, by supporting through donations.

A simple donation can be made via:
Cheque: Crossed cheque in favour of AAS Trust may be mailed to:

Plot # 8-C, old Sunset Boulevard, Commercial Street Phase II (Ext.), D.H.A. Karachi – Pakistan

Bank Transfer: Direct Bank transfers may be made to the AAS Trust accounts
– PKR Habib Bank Limited
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